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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is going to  Haiti Children, an organization which helps the abandoned children of Haiti build better lives.


Saying Yes to My Life’s Calling: Breakthroughs in Becoming an Educator is an unforgettable account of Nicole Weaver’s journey in becoming a French and Spanish teacher. She recounts her experiences with racial discrimination and the non-racist white individuals who made it possible for her to attend and finish college.  As an immigrant from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she is thankful for the opportunities America has offered her.





What critics are saying...

"This book is a trilingual language book, offering English, French, and Spanish. This story portrays the love and companionship between two sisters, sisters that happen to be twins. The story provides excitement, activity, and togetherness. The bond between the two girls is unbreakable. Their day consists of doing everything together. The two of them share the love of gardening with their mother, smelling flowers, playing outdoors with their dog, running errands with their mother, and going on special trips into town with her. Nicole Weaver has written an exceptional story. Not only does the book provide a fun, lovable, and family oriented theme, but it also provides an educational spin. This allows for My Sister is My Best Friend to be more marketable, given its cultural slant, while also offering a fun way for children and adults alike to experience new languages." Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite FIVE STAR REVIEW

"A celebration of family and bonding that shines in the wonderful sentences conjured by author, Nicole Weaver. " Sebastian A. Jones Author of I am Mixed Children's Book

"My Sister is my Best Friend - a trilingual story written primarily in English, with secondary and tertiary texts in French and Spanish, is a terrific book which provides a fun way to introduce kids to foreign language. Twin sisters who are also each other's best friends enjoy playing, pretending make-believe, exploring...and more; all in the comfort of the loving relationship they share with one another. Author, Nicole Weaver, who teaches French and Spanish in high school, has written a book that is as much a joy to read as it is educational in its content. Colorful illustrations are a great addition to this charming book."  Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews

"The story takes a hold of your heart and doesn’t let go until you turn the last page." Nathalie Mvondo Cultural Diversity in Children's Literature

In My Brother is My Best Friend, "Nicole Weaver uses her stories as a unique and interesting way to teach children other languages. I think you will love this special children’s book, so be sure to purchase one for your child. The story is well written, and children will be captivated as the story is read to them, or as they read this neat little story themselves."

Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite